What’s included?

The test price includes Combined Nasal and Throat Swabs / Deep Throat Saliva Test  + Test Report

If express reporting or health certificate is required, the extra charge will be applied respectively.

Combined Nasal and Throat Swabs collection will be performed by a trained health professional in our testing center.

Suitable for Compulsory Testing, travelling or return to Hong Kong citizens


ApexHealth Covid-19 PCR suitable fo_New-min

People who need a test report of COVID-19 nucleic acid test, such as compulsory testing

People who have no symptoms but worrying of COVID-19 infection

Test Sample

ApexHealth Covid-19 PCR Sampling Method_NEW-min

Deep throat saliva / Combined Nasal and Throat Swabs sampling (for laboratory testing)


Test report ready via SMS / email in next working day (Only working day)


(Express Same Day Report +$300) Only applicable for the sample submitted to the designated clinic before 11 am

Children Sampling Service

Nasal Swab Sampling for Infant_New-min

Sampling service for children 3 years old or above

Test Method

ApexHealth Covid-19 PCR Testing Method_New-min

Real-Time Reverse Transcription PCR (Real Time RT-PCR) Test

Value-added Service

Doctor Certificate / Door-to-door Specimen Collection Service

Reliable Results
Reliable Results

Your results will be sent to you via email in PDF or SMS message after receiving your sample. 

Testing standards that you can trust

Recognized Testing Institution

COVID-19 nucleic acid testing institution recognized by the Hong Kong SAR Government. (Owned by Acecgt Diagnostic Limited)

Experienced in genetic testing

In the past 15 years of work, both in Hong Kong and overseas, our genetic testing has served hundreds of thousands of families. We are constantly in pursuit of the latest technological development to continue playing a role as a reliable genetic testing organization that you can trust.

Reliable and accurate test

Using easy and effective sample collection method and gold-standard RT-PCR testing method.

Test procedures

Order online and booking

1. Order online and Booking

Also call (852) 3979 3200 to make an appointment with our staffs.

If Health Certificate is required, please make an appointment with our medical center for the doctor’s consultation service.

Go to our medical centre for testing

2. Go to our testing center for the testing

On-site submit the deep throat saliva specimen / collect swabs specimens

3. Submit the Deep throat saliva sample / Combined Nasal and Throat Swabs sampling by our specialist

Test results ready by email

4. Test Results

Test results will be issued and SMS / emailed to you after the sample successfully collected within next working day, and the original report will be sent to the medical center.

Testing Center

維尼醫務中心 iCare Clinic Front

iCare Medical Center


Room 902, 9th Floor, T.O.P., 700 Nathan Road, Kowloon
(Mong Kok MTR Station Exit B4)

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: from 10:00am to 1:00pm, 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Closed on Sundays and public holidays


1. The test is intended for reference and a preliminary investigation of the respiratory tract infection test only. The test result should be used in conjunction with other clinical information to diagnose the infection. Client with suspected infection should consult medical professionals for the confirmation of diagnosis and clinical treatment.

2. All positive cases of COVID-19 will be reported to the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), pursuant to the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance.

3. Test result is not eligible for “Health Code” or other related travel passes. Please follow the instructions given by airlines or other relevant agencies if you use for traveling purposes.

4. The collection and use of the data to the specific information is necessary for the purpose of providing quality services to you. We will take all practicable steps to keep your personal data confidential. Unless any person to whom we are under an obligation to make disclosure under the requirement of any law binding on us or for the purposes of any guidelines or codes of practice issued by regulatory or other authorities with which we are reasonably expected to comply, personal data collected from you will not be disclosed to any third party.

5. All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of “Acecgt Diagnostic”.


Suitable for

  • People who need self testing for COVID-19
  • People who need a test report of COVID-19 nucleic acid test for travel.
  • People who have no symptoms but worrying of COVID-19 infection
  • High-risk individuals (such as working with a large number of people, having close contact with an infected person)

ApexHealth’s COVID-19 nucleic-acid Test is using the global gold standard technology RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing method, which with high accuracy and reliable.

Yes, our test reports are accepted in most cases, however we highly recommend individuals check the relevant government / travel agencies for entry requirements to clear customs before doing our test.

Specimen collection requirement

  • Collect approximately: 2.0 mL of deep throat saliva.

Specimen storage and transportation

  • Specimen should be stored and transported below 4°C.
  • Improper collection, handling and storage of specimen
  • Inadequate specimen
  • The barcode on the bottle does not match the barcode on the test request form
  • The barcode on the bottle or test request form is damaged
  • The specimen is not collected according to the required specifications (e.g. the
  • specimen is not stored in the provided Specimen collection bottle or sampling with other tools, etc.)
  • Specimen not in requested format or insufficient quantity
  • Specimen in expired container
  • Specimen leakage
  • Test request form without / with mismatched patient identification information

Arrangement for Specimen Collection

Order the test kit from e-Shop / booking at (852) 3979 3200.

Deep Throat Saliva

Self collection

Pick up the sample kit and submit your sample at the designated collection point on the same day.

Do NOT eat, drink, brush your teeth or gargle within 2 hours before DTS collection.

You should also bring your HKID or any other form of identification.

If you are testing for travelling purposes, please bring along the document required for entry to your destination for registration at Testing Centre for traveling purposes (e.g. Passport, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents or other travel document).

Children under 3 years old are ineligible for the test.

Our clinic (Testing Center) will be closed if Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or higher is hoisted. If Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or higher is cancelled within 2 hours before the closing time of our clinic. Our clinic will not open during that day. If a black rainstorm warning signal is issued, services will be provided to citizens who have arrived at the Testing Centre if the Testing Centre has already been opened. If our clinic (Testing Center) are closed due to inclement weather conditions, all bookings that day will be cancelled and rebooking is required for people who have booked a timeslot that day. ApexHealth staff will notify the participant(s) of the new arrangements as soon as possible. No refund will be arranged for workshops cancelled due to bad weather.

No refund will be arranged for testing cancelled due to bad weather.

Yes, we can provide the bulk order. For more information, please call us at (852) 3979 3200 or WhatsApp us.

Testing and Notification of Result


Test results will be ready within 24 hours (working day) after sample successfully collected and emailed to you. (Express Same Day Report +$300)

Report release times may differ due to unexpected circumstances including the need to recollect or retest samples due to quality issues. For travelers are advised to book an appointment for sufficient timeslot at least prior to your departure. ApexHealth does not accept any responsibility or liability for losses arising as a result of any delay. This includes claims for losses where you have been unable to travel or work.

You can find via junk mail. If not, please press HERE or email us at emergency@apexhealthtech.com.

All positive cases of COVID-19 will be reported to the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), pursuant to the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance.

Online Submission of Information to Centre for Health Protection for COVID-19 Patients: https://www.chp.gov.hk/cdpi/

ApexHealth is also in the process of developing a number of DNA tests to add to our offerings for never ending improvement of today practice.