Covid 19 nucleic-acid Test (Non-travel purpose)


  • Collect sample at home
  • We can provide door-to-door sample delivery and collection service. You can stay home while waiting for your test results.
  • Provides Deep Throat Saliva / Combined Nasal and Throat Swabs sampling method
  • Obtain test results online within 24 hr (Working days only) after submitting the sample (Express Results available) 

ApexHealth (owned by Acecgt Diagnostic limited) COVID-19 nucleic acid testing institutions recognised by the Hong Kong SAR Government.

If you want to order the Covid-19 test for travelling purposes, please order HERE.

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Add-on Service
Door-to-door sample delivery
Door-to-door sample delivery and collection service

Only limited to the same pick-up point and maximum for 4 samples collection. We will provide next day door-to-door delivery.

Covid-19 Test Express Results

The results ready on the same day for sample kits submitted before 11 am.

Combined Throat Nasal Swab Sampling

Suitable for certain groups especially for the children, elderly or traveling to specific provinces/territories e.g. Guangdong.