Covid 19 nucleic-acid Test (Mainland China Travel)


ApexHealth Test&Travel

  • Can accepted travel to Guangdong / Macau health certificate
  • Combined Nasal and Throat Swabs sampling method
  • Booking in advanced for travel
  • 24 hr (Working days only) online results after submitting the sample
  • ApexHealth (owned by Acecgt Diagnostic limited) COVID-19 nucleic acid testing institutions recognised by the Hong Kong SAR Government 
Value-Added Service
Covid-19 Test Express Results

The results ready on the same day for sample kits submitted before 11 am.

專人咽喉和鼻腔合併拭子 Combined Throat Nasal Swab Sampling
Door-to-door Specimen Collection Service

Only limited to the same collection point and collect your combined nasal and throat swabs on-site.

Door-to-door sample delivery
Door-to-door sample delivery and collection service

To be Delivered the sample kit within 2-3 working days. Reserve to arrange the next day door-to-door delivery. Only limited to the same pick-up point and maximum for 4 samples collection.