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Our team of experts in science and medicine at ApexHealth are dedicated to provide top tier international standards of physical examinations and genetic testing programmes. We bring in innovative and proactive approaches to health management with “Check+” as we bridge detailed medical examinations with personalized solutions.

Our interdisciplinary team of medical experts will provide report-based professional advice across all aspects of health management in one-go to take care of your personal development and health wellness.


Our Team


In the past 15 years of work, both in Hong Kong and overseas, our genetic testing has served hundreds of thousands of families. We are constantly in pursuit of the latest technological development to continue playing a role as a reliable genetic testing organization that you can trust.


Our scientific research has developed an array of reliable medical detection programmes encompassing health management, nutrition and weight management, food allergy diet plans, etc. Our accurate check-up services, guaranteed by the stringent verifying Procedures, are aimed to change the way healthcare works by delivering precise interpretation for all traits of a human body.


Our services are supported by a team of PhD life science specialists, laboratory scientists and research scientists who collaborate within the spectrum of life science with multidisciplinary experts in the fields of nutritional genomics, resident doctors, pharmacists, health care products, computer engineers, etc.


We believe that a fulfilled life begins with personal health, family bonding, personal achievements and a confident appearance. We strive to translate the results of our research into applicable techniques that holistically meet your daily needs and initiate improvements to cultivate health wellness.

ApexHealth office 傲士健康

Service Commitment

Our service commitment can be showcased through our Hong Kong-based research laboratories and testing centres, state-of-the-art facilities and the experienced team of PhD scientists.


With our five professional check-up services comprehensively covering physical examinations, cancer detections, allergy testing, paternity testing and varieties genetic testing, we take care of your different needs by accompanying you from the start and staying with you for life.

Personalized service

All examinations and follow-up programs are tailor-made to suit your unique medical needs. Our multidisciplinary team of experts will be your personal health care consultants who work on professional knowledge and advanced technology to provide you with an efficient and simple health management strategy.


We specialize in the life science technology for the benefit of the public through increasing their life expectancy and quality of life. With the technology in our good hands, our focus on physical and genetic testing service is to advocate active health management strategies, which emphasize early intervention and abandon the concept of passive treatments.


We are committed to serve Hong Kong, China and the Asian region. The proven scientific research competency ensures that our self-developed testing programmes are here to meet the needs of the region. All testing programmes adhere to the highest principle of accuracy, safety and reliability. From choices to services, we provide only the best for you.


To nurture our local professional scientists, we actively engage in scientific research and applied technological development. We believe our consistent participation in technological development in different regions through various forms of technical collaboration will deliver breakthroughs to the testing standard.

Professional Laboratory Equipment


Core Medical Laboratory Facility


We are a well-equipped medical laboratory, capable of offering a comprehensive range of medical laboratory testing services. Our core clinical biochemistry and other advanced systems work together with our well-trained medical laboratory technologists in a highly efficient and streamlined workflow on a daily basis. We helped our customers in health screening and laboratory diagnosis and disease prevention and we served the community with our utmost care to the people’s health.

Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System


We conduct a wide range and high load of molecular diagnostic tests daily. Nucleic acid extraction is an important first step in molecular diagnosis. In our laboratory, we had equipped with advanced, fully-automated nucleic acid extraction systems, capable of providing genetic material from different sample sources in its highly purified form. This is especially crucial for many demanding, molecular laboratory diagnosis applications, e.g. genotyping, pathogen detection and mutation analysis.

Advanced, Next Generation Genetic Analysis System


In our laboratory, we had equipped with a series of real-time, high-throughput gene amplification systems. In addition, we had also equipped with the latest gene sequencing instruments alongside. With our well-trained and experienced medical laboratory technologists together with our recently invested, world-class laboratory support facility and hardware and software instrumentation, we strive to provide medical laboratory test services at its highly standard and always give our customer the most reliable results.