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Basic Health Check-Up

ApexHealth’s Testing Center designed to show our concern and care for you and your loved ones. We offer a variety of health screenings from basic schemes to personalized programmes to suit different age groups. With our accurate and refined tests, your health management objectives can be well-assured.

As an accredited laboratory, we strictly request all samples to be tested, cross-examined and rigorously verified by our team of laboratory technologists and scientists at our laboratory, which not only guarantees a short turnaround time but reliable results.

Personalized Health Check Package

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“Prevention is better than cure.” Through regular check-ups, you can assess your health risk factors, conducts screenings for various diseases (such as cancer and heart disease), and evaluate your health status (such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol management). This helps maintain good physical condition and quality of life. Regular examinations contribute to reducing the risk of developing chronic and life-threatening illnesses at an early stage, providing the best opportunity for timely.

How to choose the health check-up plan?

Understanding your physical needs: First, consider your health requirements and the specific organs or functions you are concerned about. Early detection of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol is crucial.

Regardless of age, the main purposes of a health check-up are:

1. Early detection of chronic diseases: These may include diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol, which may not present symptoms in the early stages.

2. Early treatment: Assess the major organ functions. If any decline is detected, seeking advice from medical experts and receiving appropriate treatment can help manage or mitigate the decline.

 Basic health check-up items include:

  • Blood analysis (including basic anemia screening)
  • Assessing the “Three Highs” check-up: blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose level
  • Evaluation of liver and kidney functions
  • Physical check-up

Comprehensive Male / Female Check Up Plan

The common health threats for men include cardiovascular issues, endocrine disorders, respiratory problems, reproductive system issues, and sexual health. In addition to the basic examination items, you may consider including the following additional components in your health check-up plan:

Common health threats for women include cardiovascular issues, breast health, gynecological issues, and reproductive health. In addition to the basic health check-up items, you may consider including the following additional components in your health check-up plan:

Recommended Health Check Up Plan

Our healthcare professionals provide professional advice based on the check-up results, allowing you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your physical condition and potential risks, thereby allaying your concerns.

Comprehensive Premarital Check Up Plan

Recommended for men / women who are ready or preparing to marry. Includes

The various physical examination plans include: Annual health check-up, men’s check-ups, pre-marital examinations, tumor marker screening test for male and female and etc.

Common concern issue

Men Health

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Fatty Liver

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Breast Cancer

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Chronic Disease Risk Index Assessment

Utilizes with the latest scientific research and big data to calculate your risk index for chronic diseases

Comprehensively analyze and assess about your health

Only ApexHealth care about you

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Other Recommenced Health Check-up Plans

Common Q&A

Regular health check up help in early detection of potential health issues, allowing for early treatment when diseases are more easily manageable. Examinations can identify risk factors for chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and provide guidance on how to manage one’s health. Some diseases may not have any symptoms in the early stages but can be detected through early screening, such as early-stage cervical cell abnormalities and heart disease. Also aid in monitoring the impact of medications and lifestyle changes and provide a certain level of reassurance.

The selection of a suitable health check-up can be based on factors such as your age, gender, and medical history. When experiencing abnormal symptoms, it is important to consult a doctor immediately to reduce the risk of cancer. Especially if your family members have a history of severe illnesses, you are above 40 years old, and you exhibit symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, or have high-risk factors like smoking, regular check-ups are highly recommended.

ApexHealth’s health check-up plans effectively assess individual health conditions, enabling early prevention and treatment to reduce the risk of serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. Through blood tests, ultrasound examinations, electrocardiograms, breast examinations, and more, customers can evaluate their risks of common urban diseases. Regular physical examinations often act as early warning signs in the absence of symptoms. For example, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, cirrhosis, etc. Early detection and treatment lead to higher recovery rates!

The more health check-up items does not necessarily represents a better results. What matters most is whether they align with your individual health risks and the specific organs or functions you wish to focus on. ApexHealth understands that everyone has different “needs” when it comes to physical examinations and provides various self-service physical examination plans. For example, we offer:


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With our five professional check-up services comprehensively covering physical examinations, cancer detections, allergy testing, paternity testing and varieties genetic testing, we take care of your different needs by accompanying you from the start and staying with you for life.