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Mainly examine for your physical condition, including Tumor Markers Screening , Liver and kidney function, Hepatitis Test, Thyroid Function Test and Stool Routine Test, etc. Provides professional advice according to the check-up results, allowing you to know about your physical condition and potential risk more comprehensively and allaying your concerns.

Key Check-up Tests

  • Diabetes/ 3 Highs Plan (blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol)
  • Liver and kidney function
  • Hepatitis Test
  • Thyroid Function Test
  • Tumor Markers Screening (7 items)
  • Breast Cancer Risk, Fatty Liver Risk or Heart Age Assessment#^

Recommended for

Recommended for 18 years old female or above who do health check-up on regular basis

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Value Added Item
ApexHealth Check X-ray
Chest X-ray

Check whether there are problems such as tuberculosis, lung tumor, pneumothorax, bronchiectasis, and tracheal dilation.

Cardiac examination - ECG static electrocardiogram
Resting ECG

Suitable for heart discomfort, lack of exercise, or people with unhealthy diet.

HPV DNA 篩查 (自我採樣) Screening
HPV DNA Screening Test (Self-Collection)

Testing 28 types of HPV virus genotypes, covering most high-risk genotypes, for cervical cancer early screening.

Purchase together with a health check plan and get a discounted price of $500!

Mammogram x-ray
3D Mammography

3D Mammography can detect early pathological changes in the breasts and breast cancer risk which higher accuracy, which suitable for women aged 20 and above. (This checkup item might need to arrange in designated center by appointment)

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