Caring Male STD Check up Plan (42 items)

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Recommended for the sexually active men or those suspecting STD infection, or those who have no symptoms and would like to have an accurate regular STD screening. The plan covers common STDs including HIV, Syphillis, Gonorrhoea and HPV with doctor or medical professional consultation. Stay alert of your body and implement preventative care with suitable treatment in advance.

Key Test Items:

  • Syphilis Test
  • HIV
  • STDs Test

Free Heart Age Assessment

Additional Item
甲狀腺功能測試 Thyroid Function Test
1 × Thyroid Function Test (3 items)

Test Items

  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
  • Free Tri-Iodothyronine (FT3)
  • Free Thyroxine (FT4)
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1 × Hepatitis Test (4 Items)
  • Hepatitis A IgG Antibody
  • Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
  • Hepatitis B Surface Antibody
  • Hepatitis C Antibody
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