Environmental and Food Allergy Test

Fancy some delicious steamed crab, or perhaps just a small bag of peanuts? Your body may not necessarily agree with that. While we are enjoying our food, unfortunately, our body can be exposed to potential environmental and allergen risks that may cause inflammation on parts of our body and even life-threatening symptoms such as anaphylaxis.

Do not let allergens take your pleasure away, dig out the allergens and keep on enjoying gourmet without fears.

ApexHealth provides Allergy Tests for Food and Immediate Environmental Allergy “Immunoglobulin E” (IgE) and Food Sensitivity Screening “Immunoglobulin G” (IgG) Tests to identify the foods you should avoid eating.

Let ApexHealth be your guide to eat foods for free of allergens, so you will no longer need to suffer from weight, skin and bowel problems caused by allergens.

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IgE Immediate Allergy Test

Allergy 過敏

Intermediate allergic reactions may appear within minutes to hours after a meal because of immunoglobulin E (IgE). Not only do these reactions affect the skin and windpipe, but they can attack the digestive tract and even put one’s life at a detrimental risk.

ApexHealth provides you with an accurate “Environment and Food – Protein Immunoglobulin Antibody Test” to help you identify allergenic environments and food sources that you may be at risk of developing allergies to, so you will not have to go through the process of finding out before it’s too late.

IgG Delayed Allergy Test

Allergy test

Delayed allergy symptoms after a meal may be due to the high levels of immunoglobulins (IgG) in your blood that attack foreign cells. Allergies to different foods can change quite often and may cause adverse impacts on body tissues, organs, and possibly hamper bodily functions. Not only children, but even adults cannot escape from the threat.

ApexHealth can identify the source of allergenic food in your case through a testing on protein antibodies, with our report, you can stay away from allergy.

Immediate IGE Allergy Test

The 4th Generation IgE Allergen Test – ALEX® Allergy Explorer!

  • Testing 290+ allergens (The largest allergen panel in the world)

  • Suitable for examinee with allergic symptoms (e.g. allergic rhinitis, asthma, itchy skin etc.)

  • CCDI technique increases the specificity of the allergy test results

  • Compliance with EU In vitro diagnostic medical devices (CE-IVD)

  • Speedy report • Safe • Identify true allergies

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IgE Pro 2 Allergy Test

  • Covers up to 107 food and environmental allergens

  • Suitable for examinee with allergic symptoms

  • Using quantitative immunoblot method to detect allergens

  • Result within 4 days

Speedy report • Safe • Reliable

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Delayed allergy test

『IgGFood Sensitivity Screening Test

  • 220+ IgG food sensitivity testing panel, one the widest ranges currently available in Hong Kong

  • Especially suitable for examinee with allergic symptoms. (e.g. eczema, urticaria, etc.)

  • Comprehensive testing report

  • Dietitian consultation service



HK$ 4,000

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HK$ 4,000

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HK$ 2,680

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HK$ 2,300

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120+ (Veg)

HK$ 2,680

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120+ (Veg)

HK$ 2,300

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With our five professional check-up services comprehensively covering physical examinations, cancer detections, allergy testing, paternity testing and varieties genetic testing, we take care of your different needs by accompanying you from the start and staying with you for life.