Ceradan® Moisturising Body Wash 280ml


*Clinically proven to effectively improve eczema and dry skin

A lathering wash that is enriched with ceramide-dominant 3:1:1 essential skin lipids ratio (ceramide, cholesterol, free fatty acids), to rebuild the skin’s protective barrier. Hypoallergenic with no SLS/SLES, paraben, fragrance and colourant.

  • Steroids free
  • No irritating
  • Alleviate itchiness and dryness

Suitable for

  • All age group including newborn babies over 0 year old onwards, pregnant women, people with extremely sensitive and dry skin.
  • Patients with eczema and allergic rash pregnant women, with eczema-prone, dry and sensitive skin.

Origin Singapore

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Limited to Hong Kong area only

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Ceradan® 改善濕疹乾燥,敏感肌3合1套裝 [不含類固醇]

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Package includes

  1. Ceradan® Skin Barrier Repair Cream 80g X1
  2. Ceradan® Hydra Moisturiser 80g X1
  3. Ceradan® Moisturising Body Wash 280ml X1