IgE Pro 2 Allergy Test (107 allergens)


IgE Pro Allergy Test using the most advanced enzymatic immunoassay technology and detect up to 107 common food and environmental allergens.

Through IgE Immediate Onset Allergy Test, it can help you to understand and improve your allergy situation, including asthma, skin problems and allergic rhinitis.

Suitable for 2 years old or above

Registered Doctor interpretation of your results

4 working days speedy results

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Gut Microbiome PCR Test E-Shop Cover
1 × Precision Gut Microbiome PCR Test [Suitable for allergy, obesity or constipation individuals]

A non-invasive and safe test detecting 12 specific species of gut microbiota using at-home sample collection. After data analysis, you can understand and intake which probiotics might be lacking in your body.

  • Free 30 days personalized probiotics supplement (Valued $1,076)
IgG 延遲性食物過敏測試
1 × IgG Food Sensitivity Screening Test

One the widest ranges food sensitivity testing panel currently in Hong Kong – Cover 220+ IgG food categories comprehensively, helps you to improve long-term allergies and chronic inflammation situation, such as eczema and gastrointestinal problems.

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