Chronic Disease Risk Index Assessment

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Knowing Your Cardiovascular Diseases Fatty Liver Breast Cancer Risk Comprehensively

General Health Check-up


In general, a health check-up in the market mainly focuses on assessing an individual’s current physical condition, detecting any abnormalities or potential symptoms, and includes common tests such as screening for the “three highs” (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia) to evaluate the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Chronic Disease Risk Index Assessment

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The assessment of an individual’s risk level for chronic diseases is typically based on factors such as lifestyle, genetic predisposition, health status, and other relevant factors, accomplish with health check result, which provides a comprehensive understanding of your health trends.

Scientific calculation of your chronic disease risk index

ApexHealth utilizes your physical test reports to calculate your risk index for chronic diseases (such as cardiovascular diseases, fatty liver, etc.). The report presents the results in a simple way, providing you with a clear understanding of your current physical condition and reducing the chances of developing serious illnesses in the future. Today’s testing prepares you for tomorrow’s health.

These health checkup indicators may include age, gender, family medical history, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, lipid profile, smoking habits, exercise habits, and other lifestyle factors. 

This risk assessment information helps in formulating preventive and physical management strategies, enabling proactive measures to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

What Kind of Chronic Disease Risks Can Predict?

Fatty Liver Risk Estimation

Target Fatty Liver Risk Estimation

Calculating the risk of developing fatty liver within the next 5 years.

Value $800/ per test

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Target Heart Age Estimation

Determining the risk of developing coronary heart disease within the next 10 years

Value $800/ per test

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Breast Cancer-min

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Determining the risk of developing breast cancer disease

Value $800/ per test

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Chronic Disease Risks

The "Invisible Killer" for urban diseases

Every 1 in 4 adults suffers from fatty liver, with a rising trend among the younger population. This situation cannot be ignored. Most patients do not exhibit any obvious symptoms, and fatty liver can progress to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Gradually, it can lead to signs of liver fibrosis and may even progress to cirrhosis. In severe cases, it can result in liver failure or liver cancer! It is crucial to undergo early examination, detect potential risks of chronic diseases as early as possible, and improve the chances of recovery.


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Our assessment for chronic disease risk index is simple and easy to understand. After completing the designated physical tests, you will receive the results of the chronic disease risk index assessment via email, allowing you to view your results anytime, anywhere.