Ceradan® Diaper Cream 50g

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Ceradan® Diaper Cream provides triple protective actions that help to protect and prevent diaper rash. Uniquely formulated with three active ingredients, ceramide-dominant essential skin lipids to rebuild the skin’s protective barrier, zinc oxide to seal out wetness and octenidine to control yeast growth in the diaper.

  • Ceramide-dominant ratio to optimally rebuild the protective skin barrier
  • Zinc Oxide to seal out wetness and protect skin
  • Steroids free
  • Suitable for all skin types

Unique triple protective action that helps sooth, manage and prevent diaper rash.

Suitable for

  • All age group including newborn babies over 0 year old onwards, pregnant women, people with extremely sensitive and dry skin.

Origin Singapore

Storage: For external use only, please store in a cool place at room temperature

Delivery: All orders above HK$500 are free of delivery charge

Limited to Hong Kong area only

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