Dr.Serum Silk Serum Jelly


Dr.Serum x JHc Silk Serum Jelly contains natural ingredients such as silk protein, rice germ and fermented soybean extract, and has no additives and medicinal properties. As long as you eat 1 pack before each meal, it can effectively remove 5g of excess fat from the body, stabilize blood sugar, remove toxins accumulated in the body, reduce the glycation reaction that causes skin aging, and then you can eat and live the gel to lose weight and become beautiful!

R&D and manufacturing in Japan, best-selling in Japan for 20 years, with Japanese and American patents, 1,600 cases of clinical testing by authoritative Japanese medical institutions, and remarkable efficacy.

【Package】 30 /60 or 90 packs
【Taste】Fresh peach flavor
【Core ingredients】Silk protein, rice germ, fermented soybean extract

✅Adsorb excess body fat

✅Slow down skin aging

✅Stable blood lipid/cholesterol

✅Remove accumulated toxins in the body and reduce the glycation reaction that makes the skin aging

✅Pure natural ingredients, no medicine, no side effects

✅Physically block absorption of fat and sugar, which helps to prevent oxidation

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