pexHealth x WeExpand strategic partnership

【ApexHealth and WeExpand strategic partnership】


The world has begun to enter a “new normal”. The top priority for companies is to maintain competitiveness and growth momentum in this normal. Enterprises should pay more attention to the health of the team.

Today, ApexHealth ( is here to announce the strategic partnership with WeExpand ( to provide preventative healthcare for all its members and its family’s members to enjoy taking every step of life with vigour and vitality. Besides providing an innovative digital sales and marketing platform, WeExpand also aims to offer a proper work & life protection to its members.

ApexHealth CEO, Dr. Billy Chan says: “We are dedicated to provide top tier international standards of physical examinations and genetic testing programmes. We bring in innovative and proactive approaches to health management with “Assessment+” as we bridge detailed medical examinations with personalized solutions. Our interdisciplinary team of medical experts will provide evidence-based professional advice across all aspects of health management in one-go to take care of your personal development and health wellness. Before the outbreak of the epidemic, many traditional companies did not see the urgency of digital transformation for business reform, and now their enthusiasm has been greatly increased. Therefore, providing healthcare for the “New Normal” is an obvious way out.”

WeExpand Co-Founder & CEO, Raymond Mak and Co-Founder & CTO, Steve Ng says: ” We are glad to form the strategy partnership with ApexHealth. WeExpand is always strive to implement its vision with the strategy of WeCare which aims for a better and caring virtual working environment, especially under the “New Normal” business culture. Practices such as digital sales and working from home have become common long-term measures and strategies in the business community We are expecting our members, on one hand, can leverage our platform to generate more sales momentums and brand awareness; on the other hand, they can enjoy their working journey with good health.”