A thorough Comparison on Body Check Methods!

Introducing the new trend of clinical examinations! Withstand obstinate diseases that have yet to deteriorate, the key to put a stop to the process is all in a drop of blood!

CTC Test (Circulating Tumor Cell Blood Test) can assess the risk of metastasis by tracking the number of circulating tumor cells (CTC) that travels through the blood. As it turns out, when a tumor is first formed, tumor cells from the primary site can behave in a guerilla-like fashion by using the cardiovascular system to spread through the body and launch a second independent attack against the body’s organs. These guerrilla-like tumor cells are responsible for the spread of cancer. Therefore, by measuring the amount of CTC in the bloodstream, these latent cancer cells will be unable to escape from screening: Which makes this type of clinical examination the most ideal and secure form for those with a family history of cancer, patients in rehabilitation, or those at high risk of developing cancer to prevent tumor cells from further metastasizing.

When discussing traditional screening methods, the most common of which include X-ray, biopsy, and serum tumor marker tests, these methods have own drawbacks from producing delayed test results (e.g., screening sensitivity is limited by tumor size), causing harmful effects to the body and giving result with relatively low accuracy, which may not be appropriate for individuals who are at high-risk.

In contrast, CTC Test is a new option for early stage tumor cell detection through the use of advanced life science technology. All that is needed is a blood test, and it will scan for tumor cell changes in real time without causing any adverse side-effects to the body. Whether you require continuous or frequent monitoring, you can be assured of your results with just a drop of blood.


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